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New Black Isle Brewery Beers



New Draft Beer from Black Isle Brewing

Black Isle Brewery has always been a firm favourite of ours - no trip to Inverness is complete without a swing by the brewery or their bar in town. They only use organic malt and hops and just seem to have an all round good attidude when it comes to brewing. All of this really shines through when you taste their beers.

The four beers we have put on are:

🍺 2020 Vision is a organic clementine Grisette. Delicate, ctirusy and very thirst-quenching!

🍺 Red Kite is a light amber coloured ale brewed with pale and crystal malts infused with buckets of whole flower hops. A nice balance of malt, citrus and berry fruit flavours.

🍺 Goldeneye is a hybrid of New World hops and great Scottish drinkability. It’s a West Coast IPA with huge floral and citrus hop character balanced by toasted barley.

🍺 Yellowhammer is a simple but tasty IPA. It’s brewed with cascade hops, which add grapefruit aromas to this refreshing beer.



Check out the Growler Fill page for availabilty.


Cheers! 🍻




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