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Gaelic Gin Cocktails


We have always been impressed with the lovely gin produced by the good folks down at Eilean Iarmain. Their spiced gin, in our opinion, really is special. See below for a couple of cocktail ideas from Leah, the head distiller of Uisge Lusach gin. We have been hard at work testing these over the last few weekends!

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Negroni an fhoghair (Autumn Negroni)

Stir the first three ingredients together. Serve in a rocks glass over ice, garnished with the orange peel.


Eilean a’Cheò Mojito (Skye Mojito)

  • 70ml Uisge Lusach Sgealp/ Spiced
  • 25ml Pineapple juice
  • 15ml Lime juice
  • 15ml simple syrup - see recipe below
  • 6 mint leaves (plus an extra sprig to serve)
  • Soda water

Add everything (apart from the soda water and extra mint sprig) to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice, and shake well.  Strain into a highball glass over crushed ice, top up with soda water and garnish with a mint sprig.


Simple and quick sugar syrup:

  1. Dissolve 300g caster sugar in 150ml water over a low heat.
  2. Cool then store in the fridge.

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