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Gaelic Gin

Uisge Lusach - Gaelic Gin Spiced


From the producers based here on Skye:

Uisge Lusach Sgealp - Spiced

Distilled on the Isle of Skye we handcraft Uisge Lusach with alchemy and passion.  Our traditional copper pot still began life as an illicit whisky still, and in 2017 was given a new lease of life: vapour infusing our gin, inspiring Uisge Lusach’s well rounded aromatics and refined rich texture.  July 2019 saw the first production of our lively spiced gin – a beguiling and complex combination of vibrant spice with a subtle depth of beautifully balanced juniper.  A summer delight and a winter warmer!

Tasting Notes

Richly scented exotic spice, with woody and resinous notes

Bright and zesty on the tongue, the initial kick gives way to a pungent depth of warm spice and earthy coriander, married perfectly with vibrant juniper

Slightly buttery, with a robust, aromatic length

Uisge Lusach - Gaelic Gin Spiced