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Seven Crofts

Seven Crofts - Fishermans Strength


Seven Crofts Fisherman's Strength Gin

Fisherman’s Strength is a nod to the distillery's home town of Ullapool, which has a thriving fishing community. This is a Navy Strength edition, coming in at 57% abv and it’s of no surprise to see the beautiful ombre bottle return, this time with a beautiful coastal blue hue. The flavour profile is described as juniper led with forest floor notes coming through and hints of ripe blueberry, cracked black pepper, pink pepper and a touch of spicy coriander.


Key Botanical(s): Pink Peppercorns, Cubebs, Fresh Lemon Peel
Gin Style: London Dry
Strength: 57% vol
Goes great with: A slice or twist of orange, tonic and ice or in an ice cold martini.


Old Post Office Breakish Isle of Skye IV42 8PY


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Seven Crofts - Fishermans Strength