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Isle of Skye Distillers

Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin


From the producers:

Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin is a London Dry Gin Style.

Prior to the 16th century, the village of Portree was originally known as Kiltaraglen or Cill Targhlain in Gaelic. The current name of Portree translates to Kings Port, from a visit by King James V of Scotland in 1540.

Misty Isle ‘Cill Targhlain’ Gin showcases a perfect balance of botanicals from in and around Cill Targhlain itself. Provenance of the ingredients is crucial to Misty Isle ‘Cill Targhlain’ Gin with juniper, home grown coriander seeds, angelica root, blueberries, meadowsweet stalks and sea orache from the shores of Loch Portree.

Misty Isle Gin ‘Cill Targhlain’ is recommended served with a Scottish tonic water and garnished with a twist of lemon peel.

Tasting Notes: ‘Juniper in the foreground with hints of blueberry, balanced with angelica and coriander and a sharp saltiness in the aftertaste.’

Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin