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Isle of Skye Distillers

Misty Isle Salty & Sweet


Misty Isle Gin, Salty & Sweet is a London Dry style that pays tribute to our hometown of Portree. This superb Skye Gin is carefully handcrafted and distilled with Sea Orache that is gathered from the shores of Loch Portree.   

42% ABV

Misty Isle Gin, Salty & Sweet showcases a perfect balance of botanicals from in and around Portree. The provenance of the ingredients is crucial to this superb gin. Furthermore our  juniper, homegrown coriander seeds, angelica root, blueberries, meadowsweet stalks and most important, the sea orache are gathered from the shores of Loch Portree and the surrounding village.

Our village home, Portree is the capital of our iconic island. The painted houses on the Pier and the age old Apothecary Tower guarantees that Portree has everything for the visitor and local to enjoy.

What better way to showcase it to the world than with this provenant led gin.

Our new bottle captures our iconic island, culture and heritage. The swirls for the Fairy Pools, the copper coin in the cork for our beautiful copper stills that produce our amazing liquids, the Gaelic inscriptions for our language, name and location, the shape of our majestic island of Skye on the base and the contour lines on the labels for our iconic mountains. The glass has everything captured to show the world our iconic island and home.

Taste the Spirit of Skye

We recommend serving this outstanding gin with a Scottish tonic water and garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

Enjoy juniper notes in the foreground with hints of blueberry, balanced with angelica and coriander, followed by a sharp saltiness in the aftertaste.

Misty Isle Salty & Sweet