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Isle of Skye Distillers

Misty Isle Pink 20cl


Misty Isle Gin Fruity & Floral is carefully distilled with fruits that have been grown and nurtured in our distillery garden on the Isle of Skye. 

This fruity ‘Old Tom’ is full of flavour and packed with fruit including pears, blackcurrants, meadowsweet and raspberries which have all been grown in our distillery garden.

Misty Isle Gin Fruity & Floral is purely pot-infused with the fruits soaked for at least a week prior to distilling bringing the most out of the delicate flavours.  An “Old Tom” Gin is a slightly sweeter gin style that was fashionable in the 18th Century.  It has recently become popular again.

Enjoy floral notes with fruity raspberry and pear tones over a delicious juniper base.

For the Gin Connoisseur that wants a fruity, refreshing twist on the classic style of gin.

Our new bottle captures our iconic island, culture and heritage. The swirls for the Fairy Pools, the copper coin in the cork for our beautiful copper stills that produce our amazing liquids, the Gaelic inscriptions for our language, name and location, the shape of our majestic island of Skye on the base and the contour lines on the labels for our iconic mountains. The glass has everything captured to show the world our iconic island and home.

20cl 41.5% ABV

Misty Isle Pink 20cl