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Whisky Regions

Scotland is made up of 4 main whisky producing regions. Each of them have their own unique style. When you find a whisky you like, we would recommend noting the region as it can be a great starting point for choosing your next bottle. Below are descriptions of the typical style to expect within a region. Campbeltown - If we see any Campbeltown whisky behind a bar it's normally in a glass before we have even looked at what else is on offer. Typically not too smokey, a little salty and rich. A true mood setter. Highland - The Highland region includes all Scottish islands and arguably offers the greatest variety of character and ultimately flavour. From gentle drams of Old Pulteney in the north to peppery, coastal big hitters of Talisker on Skye, there is something for everyone.   Islay - Home of the peated, fiery whiskies. For the smoke heads, Ardbeg is a great place to start. For those just dipping their toes in you can’t go wrong with Kilchoman. Lowland - Characteristically lighter in character, lowland whiskies are known to offer something a little more gentle. Speyside - By number, Speyside has the largest amount of distilleries. Look out for honey, pear apple and vanilla.