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New beer from Eigg, not made from eggs!

We love our beer at The Misty Bottle, we have a cave full!

Having seen the launch of the Isle of Eigg Brewery, we were eagerly awaiting the stock to give the Isle of Skye a taste from one of its island neighbours - it was worth the wait!

From their website-

In April 2020 Stu and Ben had an idea. They wanted to build a brewery that would explore the myriad beer possibilities that are out there - from bold IPAs to drinkable pilsners to fruited Lambic - and do so in as handcrafted a way as possible.

This brewery would also be community owned.

And it would be as environmentally positive as possible.

So, in November 2020 they ran a Crowdfund that raised £195, 000 from over 600 investors in 6 weeks. With much help from the Eigg community, they cleared a brownfield site and built a brewery. They added 24 solar panels and Tesla batteries to power the brewing processes and ordered a bespoke brewkit that used Eigg wood to power a gassification boiler for all hot water requirements.

The first beers were available in April 2022.

Beers that, from mash-in to labelling, are crafted by the hand of the brewer.

But this is an on-going project. Social and environmental change is a practice. There are always next steps. These are ours:

  • We aim to employ 3 islanders by 2025

  • We’d like to set-up an annual grant to help local people explore possible business ideas

  • We’d like our ingredients to be local

  • The bulk of our beer is to be sold locally and transported electrically

  • The beer is of Eigg - so wild fermentation, local ingredients

And so. A brewery built to create handcrafted beer for social and environmental good.

Pilsner (4.3%): Our Pilsner balances traditional German malt and Noble Saaz hops with the soft grape notes of a late Nelson Sauvin addition. Crisp, refreshing, golden.

IPA (5.3%): An East Coast IPA: hop-forward, straw-coloured, juicy and smooth with oats and wheat malts to create a soft mouthfeel while dry-hopped with massive amounts of Citra. Expect tropical fruit and a lingering, balanced finish.

Pop into The Misty Bottle or head over to our website and get the amazing Isle of Eigg Beer.

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