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Belgium Comes to Breakish

Our love affair with Belgium is strong here at The Misty Bottle. All of us have visited the country and all agree that we were especially enthused with their passion for beer.


Until recently, us Scots weren't exactly blessed with amazing breweries. As a nation our focus was on whisky, and with the success of this industry, it is easy to see why we continued to produce whisky in higher quantity (and quality overall) rather than beer.

Whereas in Belgium they have been making beer before they were an independent country. They started making it to drink rather than the often polluted water! Any excuse eh?

One of the most famous types of Belgian beer is the Trappist style. Like the way we have specific rules about what constitutes a Scotch whisky, Trappist style follows its own specific set of rules. For a beer to be classed as Trappist it must be brewed at a monastery, have monks take an active role in production and profits must be used for upkeep and support for the monastery and it's projects.

Glassware is particularly important to both the brewers and the customers. Throughout our time in the country we saw all manner of drinking vessels. The beers don't always come with a food pairing but they usually have a preferred glass and temperature of serve. Specific glassware goes back to the 19th century, with branding beginning after the second world war. In fact the glass for Orval (a beer we currently stock) has been the same since 1947.



After visiting various places in Belgium and trying a lot of tasty beer in January 2020, the plan was to start stocking some but Covid put a bit of a halt on things and it is only now that we have finally got round to getting 32 differnt Belgium beers on our shelves!



We have selected 12 of some of our favourites for a special Belgian Beer Box. Perfect for a last-minute Christmas gift!


La Chouffe Blonde 8%

A classic! If you haven't tried this you are missing out. But fear not as now is your chance! Golden in colour, citrus flavours are combined with a delicate spice. Easy to see why it has won so many awards!

Westmalle Dubbel 7%

Located in a fully functioning Abbey, Westmalle is famous the world over. The beer is dark reddish brown in colour, with a rich fruity and spicy flavour. A perfectly balanced beer, with a long finish.

Westmalle Extra 4.8%  

A considerably lower ABV than the other beers from this brewery was the order of the day when making this one. A beer which is to be enjoyed with a meal. Pale in colour, it has pear aromas, with a sweet honey like finish.

Orval Trappistenbier 6.2%

A dry beer here, which is accompanied with a herby taste. A nice bitterness on the finish. Very refreshing.

Delirium Nocturnum 8.5%

Made with 5 different malts and 3 different yeast strains, it's a strong dark beer with a real hoppy character. The finish is a mixture of bitterness, sourness and sweetness!

Timmermans Strawberry Lambicus 4%

Real strawberry juice is added to this beer which is then fermented in oak barrels. The result is glorious. A delicious strawberry explosion which is not overly sweet. At 4% it is a great beer for a sunny day in the garden!

Blanche Bruxelles Witte Bière 4.5%

Very traditional wheat beer flavours here, notes of orange, coriander and clove throughout. Lovely fluffy white head on the beer underneath a hazy yellow body. Very easy to drink.

Chimay Brown Ale 7%

The oldest beer from this particular brewery, copper in colour, this beer is sweet and fruity, which gives a different dimension to a normal brown ale. Very more-ish.

Chimay Blond 4.8%

A dark straw like colour, with a white head that lasts. Banana is evident here as is wheat. A little sweetness and moderate bitterness.

St Bernardus Extra 4 4.8%

Usually most enjoyed in spring, early summer. This beer is pale in colour and refreshing in taste. Can be described as sessionable since it has a lower ABV than most Belgian beer!

St Bernadus Pater 6 6.7%

A medium bodied ale, with notes of raisin, figs, caramel and spice. The recipe goes back to 1946, so it is safe to say that it has stood the test of time.

Bacchus Kriekenbier 5.8%

The use of coloured barley malts results in the beer's reddy-brown colour. The beer is fermented in oak barrels which gives a slight sour flavour. Cherry juice is added, giving a sweet element.


If that sound of intereest, either pop in to our shop in Breakish or order HERE for UK wide delivery!

Our full range of tasty Belgian Beers can be viewed here



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  • Pete on November 02, 2023

    Bit of a late review but never mind….. Superb selection Craig… wish I’d bought at least two boxes….!! Hope to see it all again this next Christmas..!
    Cheers, Pete.

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