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The Deveron

The Deveron 12 Year Old


Aged 12 years. Distilled at McDuff distillery the royal burgh of banff.The Deveron is an approachable dram which has a tang of coastal air about it. The distillery is set up for a light, fruity spirit that's replete with apple tones and nutty notes. It's long been loved by mariners but is the perfect fireside malt for anyone seeking a cosy dram and calm from the storm. Warm and fragrant aromas of toasted cereals intermingling with baked apples are freshened with delicate floral notes, subtle vanilla, with a finish that is creamy, spicy and satisfying. The Deveron® 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. The Deveron® is a rare coastal malt; Scotland's most north-easterly distillery produces a most approachable dram The Deveron® is a Mariner's favourite - a comforting whisky to embrace after spending time in the great outdoors The Deveron® Scotch Whisky's production setup crafts a clean, fresh distillery character, aged in the finest oak casks Our still house is unique - an uneven number of stills and unusual horizontal condensers gently coax character from the spirit With a tang of coastal air about it, The Deveron® is replete with apple tones and nutty notes; a true fireside single malt after a rough day at sea


Old Post Office Breakish Isle of Skye IV42 8PY


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The Deveron 12 Year Old