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Raasay - While We Wait


From the producer:


Raasay While We Wait single malt Scotch whisky 46% abv, natural colour, non-chill filtered.

While waiting for our inaugural Isle of Raasay Single Malt whisky, we have crafted a single malt that demonstrates our whisky making skills and offers a taste of what’s to come from our distillery.

This limited edition whisky combines two expressions from one distillery – one peated, one unpeated – finished in French oak Tuscan red wine casks. The result: a single malt whisky of uncommon provenance.



A welcome wave of smokiness, mixed with red berries, lemon and grassy notes. A second nosing brings pear, tangerine and melon.

Dry peatiness mixed with red wine notes. A good dash of orange zest from the nose.

Oaky and buttery finish.

Food Pairings:
Pairs well with Sconser scallops, smoked salmon, game, grouse, woodcock, some Raasay venison, creamy blue cheese, bacon or haggis.

Raasay - While We Wait