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The Orkney Brewery

Puffin Ale


Nutty: Flavoursome: Spicy

The Puffin, or 'tammie norrie' as it is affectionately known in Orkney, brings a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to see it.  Also known as the 'clown of the sea', the puffin is an unmistakable seabird due to its comical appearance - red and black eye markings and bright orange legs.  

Puffin is a burnished bronze beer with aromas of spices, sweet nutty malt and dark fruits. An inviting rich malt palate is balanced with notes of herbs and spicy fruitiness.  

ABV4.5 %


HOPSBramling Cross: Targert

MALTPale: Crystal: Malted Wheat

Puffin Ale