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Old Vines Garnacha, Piqueras


From the producer:


Grape variety: 100 % Garnacha Tintorera

D.O.P.:  Almansa

Vineyard: 750-900 metres altitude, 45-60-year-old dry-farmed bush vines planted in cool and sandy plots to obtain a wine with sweeter tannins whilst preserving the fruit on the palate, nutrient-poor and limestone-rich soil, average yield of 1.2-1.5 kg of grapes per bush vine, scarce rainfall, organic farming methods & sustainable winery practices.

Ageing: 6-8 months.

Harvest: hand harvesting during the first week of October selecting the best small bunches of grapes with optimal maturity.

Type of cask: American fine grain medium-toasted oak casks (300 L)


  • SILVER ‚Äì The Real Review 2019 (2014 vintage)
  • BRONZE ‚Äì International Wine Challenge 2018 (2016 vintage)
  • BRONZE ‚Äì Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 (2016 vintage)
  • SILVER ‚Äì Mundus Vini¬†2016 (2014 vintage)
  • SILVER ‚Äì Portugal Wine Trophy 2016 (2014 vintage)
  • SILVER ‚Äì Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 (2014 vintage)


Vinification: continuous maceration at 25º C during 2 weeks to preserve the primary aroma of the fruit and not extract to much tannin on the palate.

Tasting notes: Rich and full-bodied red wine deep in colour with an extensive range of ripe dark fruit and wild fresh herbs. Smooth juicy tannins and good levels of natural acidity combine to offer a wine full of flavour.

Food pairing: Enjoy this incredible value-for-money Mediterranean-style wine on its own or with roasted or grilled red meat or game bird dishes.

Serving temperature: Best served at 16-18 °C.


Old Post Office Breakish Isle of Skye IV42 8PY


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Old Vines Garnacha, Piqueras