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Misty Bottle

Oktoberfest 2021 Beer Box


 Oktoberfest 2021 Beer Boxes come with 11 Oktoberfest inspired beers as well as a few snacks and a Misty Bottle glass.


Tegernseer Helles 4.8%


Brewed according to The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, which means nothing other than barley, hops and water can be used to make beer. Pours clear yellow with a fluffy white head, light bodied with a great dollop of carbonation. Biscuity malt flavour with a slight bitterness at the end, makes for a very drinkable beer!


Schneider Original Tap 7 5.4%


Brewed with the same recipe since the brewery started, this is as classic a wheat beer as they come. Cloves and nutmeg on the aroma, amber in its colour. Then a slight taste of banana in a full bodied punch. This is a must try for anyone starting out on their German beer journey.


Paulaner Hefe Weiss 5.5%


Here we have a beer that is loved the world over. Another stunning wheat beer again that has the characteristic trait of banana. Go a little deeper and there is mango in there too. A perfect balance between bitter and sweet. 


Krug-Brau Dunkles Lagerbier 5% 


A darker lager here which is chestnut brown in colour. This is nutty, malty, roasted goodness. A caramel long finish is left, which is very pleasant indeed.


Hofbraü Dunkel 5.5%


This style of beer is a bottom-fermented lager style. So lets say a dark lager! Mahogany in colour with aromas of coffee, bread and biscuits. A great balance of initial sweetness which moves on to a lasting bitterness.


Fruh Kolsch 4.8%


A beer style that is from the beautiful city of Cologne, this style is popular throughout the city. This is a beer which works very well on a warm day, or served very cold in a hot room! Light in colour, with a nice foamy head, malt flavour in evidence although not overpowering. A lovely crisp finish.


Engelszell Zwickl Trappist 4.7%


Ok this isn't from Germany, but Austria is right next door so you can forgive us! An unfiltered and unpasteurised beer from the Stift-Engelszell Trappist Abbey. Amber in colour, with fruity aromas of the top-fermenting yeast. The citrus notes in flavour and the aroma of fresh hops are due to the use of distinctive hops from the Mühlviertel. Light yet full-bodied.


Einsiedler Doppelbock 7.8%


A dark silky coloured Bockbier with a hint of mahogany and a sumptuous creamy head of foam. Einsiedler Doppelbock is typified by its malty and nutty flavours.


Berliner Pilsner 5%


Created in 1902, this beer became nationalised in 1969 and was the leading beer in East Germany during Communist rule. After the fall of communism in Europe the beer became independently owned in 1990 and in 2003 was bought over, rebranded and exported abroad. It's a light, crisp beer with a refreshing bitter aftertaste.


Ayinger Kellerbier 4.9%


One of the oldest and loved styles of beer in Germany. It's unfiltered which means some of the natural proteins are sometimes left in the bottle. The brewery claims that this beer contains vitamin and mineral rich yeast, which is actually good for you! So get drinking (responsibly of course)!


Andechs Vollbier 4.8%


Having no idea what a vollbier, I was surprised to find out it means regular beer. Not too strong or too light. Well there is nothing regular about this beer. Slight herby and citrusy notes are evident here, medium body with a soft mouthfeel. The taste is wonderful. Very moresish and flavoursome!


Oktoberfest 2021 Beer Box