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McLean's Gin

McLean's Gin - Citrus



A classic, no nonsense gin for the classic, no nonsense gin lover. 

Our Citrus Gin pairs fresh orange and lemon peels with zesty Makrut leaves and Sansho berries.


Juniper sits prou”dly at the fore, with a savoury, herbal finish served up by the addition of tellicherry peppercorns,


bay leaves and fresh rosemary. A great all-rounder, Citrus is as well received by the lifelong gin lover as it is by


those just learning to enjoy the spirit. 


Specifically designed to be served classically, McLean's Citrus needs nothing more than a handful of ice, a good splash of Indian Tonic Water and a slice of your favourite citrus fruit (orange, lemon or lime all work wonderfully). Twist things up by adding some fresh garden herbs, too, like orange & rosemary, lime & mint or lemon & dill. Cocktail fan? McLean's Citrus is very much at home in one of our personal favourites; The Negroni.”




McLean's Gin - Citrus