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Kirkjuvagr - Harpa


Harpa, like Kirkjuvagr Original and Arkh-Angell Storm Strength, is a traditional distilled gin, but is a bit lighter and slightly sweeter. Harpa, in Old Norse, means 'welcome the light' and is a nod to the glorious Orkney spring and summer where they have almost perpetual sunlight. To achieve the lighter sweeter flavour, they increased the juniper, citrus and aronia berry count - it is much more notably 'juniper-led' than its counterparts.


Tasting notes


Key Flavours:



Increased juniper is instantly detected on the nose



A sweeter character than its counterparts owing to the increased juniper, along with hints of aronia berries, lemon and orange peel



A long, bright finish


Key Botanical(s):

Aronia Berries

Goes great with:

Mixed summer berries, elderflower tonic and ice

Kirkjuvagr - Harpa