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Illicit Gin

Illicit Gin - Illicit - Blacklist Gin


From the producer:


“They gave me some cursed stuff they called gin — such blasphemy I never heard … this was the unchristianest, beastliest liquor I ever tasted …”

Long used by distillers of whisky to dry their barley, we smoke our juniper berries over Scottish peat to impart a deep smoky flavour to our spirit. Complimented by the addition of blackcardamom, lapsang souchong tea, black peppercorns, and finally infused with activated charcoal to anchor and enhance the flavour, the result is an unconventional gin with a heady undercurrent of smouldering peat and warming spices."


Old Post Office Breakish Isle of Skye IV42 8PY


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Illicit Gin - Illicit - Blacklist Gin