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Gin Bothy

Gin Bothy - Chilli


From the producer:


A very unique and special Artisan Gin.  This 20% ABV liqueur is a UK first and one of our best-selling infusions.

AWARD WINNING - Our Chilli Gin holds a Great Taste Award.

HAND CRAFTED – All of our Gin Bothy gin's originate from our small distillery in the Angus Glens.  Hand-turned and hand-batched, each bottle is lovingly made for each customer.

UNIQUE FLAVOURS – Chilli gains its unique flavour from carefully chosen ingredients - Scottish chillies, sugar and of course our special Bothy Gin.  Combined together our Chilli gin is a unique drink becoming increasingly popular with our Bothy customers.

SIGNATURE SERVE : We encourage you to try this neat first or 25cl mixed with 50cl of Premium Tonic.  

CULINARY SUGGESTIONS : Popular as an accompaniment to salmon or fish dishes or with dark chocolate.


Old Post Office Breakish Isle of Skye IV42 8PY


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Gin Bothy - Chilli