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Dugges Candy 2* Bottle


Label text:

The second beer in our Candy series where we mix fruits and spices into imperial stouts. This time you get a double coconut whopper with mango and lush tonka bean on top of black liquid heaven. Lovely!

Story text:

Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes these mistakes can turn into happy accidents. This beer could bee seen as such a happy accident. We did not mean to make an imperial stout with mango, coconut and tonka bean. But, one day while playing around with samples of fruits and spices we just tried it. It just kinda happened. And, we liked it! After a few tweaks here and a few adjustments there we were home and Candy2* was born. Well, it wasn’t called Candy2 at first but remembering our Finback collaboration Candy, which was also a fruits and spices imperial stout, it felt natural to continue that series. And, we’ve already decided there will be more. Sometimes you really must work with chance as a factor.



11,5% vol


Contains: Barley malt, oats


Imperial Stout

Dugges Candy 2* Bottle